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National LGBTQ Task Force Reaction to Anti-LGBTQ+ and Other Comments by North Carolina LT. Governor Mark Robinson

The following can be attributed to Kierra Johnson, National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director:

“First and foremost, the National LGBTQ Task Force stands with all LGBTQ+ and allied North Carolinians horrified, hurt and offended by the latest rhetoric, misinformation and outright lies coming from Lt. Governor Mark Robinson.

This is certainly not the first time he has spewed hatred from the pulpit, weaponizing religion against our community. Despite holding public office, it is clear that the Lt. Governor doesn’t feel the need to represent all North Carolinians or extend to them the respect or fairness they deserve. He is in fact, doing the opposite, creating an unsafe environment for millions of people of color, LGBTQ+ and progressive people of faith in the place they call home and North Carolinians deserve better. We all do!

And while his primary target right now is LGBTQ+ people, in particular trans and non-binary members of our community, for whom he directed his most vitriolic and hateful rhetoric, it is clear his extreme views on so many issues harm the entire state.

He has described semiautomatic weapons as “gifts from God.” He has vowed to fight the inclusion of critical race theory in school or any kind of comprehensive sex ed. In comment after comment, he affirms the dehumanization of more and more of our community. We know the power of words. Words can inspire or denigrate. Words can build bridges or tear them down. Words can soothe or poison the soul. The Lt. Governor has used his position of power and his words to cause pain and condone harm and he needs to be held accountable for his lack of compassion, empathy and regard for so many of his statespeople.

There is so much good that can and needs to be done. State and Federal non-discrimination protections, resourcing teachers and fortifying public schools, ending gender-based violence and supporting queer youth and their families are just a few of the immediate needs articulate by NC residents. This is our opportunity to fight for what is right – for what our communities need to survive and thrive. North Carolina can and should be a fair and safe home for ALL. And together we have the power to make it happen.”