President Obama will not negotiate on debt ceiling

Earlier today President Obama held his final news conference of his first term in office. During the press conference he spoke directly to the public asking for their support of his position that the White House will not negotiate on raising the debt ceiling. His reasoning, as he made clear in the press conference, is because the debt ceiling isn’t about new spending but is about allowing payment on funds already spent or authorized. He also warned that failure to raise the ceiling would be a “self-inflicted wound” on our economy and rather tepid recovery.

fiscalshowdownreportThe Task Force was pleased to hear the president say a number of different ways that it is up to congress to raise the debt ceiling without any spending cuts and that a protracted fight could delay Social Security checks and harm other critical programs.

Conservatives continue to call for cuts in discretionary programs and entitlements that LGBT people rely on.  These are programs of significant importance to the LGBT community as our latest report discusses.

We urge Congress not to use the debt ceiling fight as a means to cut spending on programs that help marginalized communities. We will remain on watch in the coming months to fight to protect programs and entitlements that help LGBT people and their families secure financial footing and provide access to affordable healthcare. We urge you to contact your members of Congress to raise the debt ceiling without delay.