‘President Obama should use his leadership to help the Boy Scouts evolve’

The White House said today that President Obama opposes the Boy Scouts’ discriminatory anti-gay policy, but has no intention of stepping down as honorary president of the organization. Read more here and here.

In response to a CBS News inquiry, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Deputy Executive Director Darlene Nipper said:

President Obama should use his leadership to help the Boy Scouts evolve on this issue once and for all. He is in a unique position to do so, as someone who has had his own evolution on issues related to marriage equality. We urge the president to personally press the leadership of the Boy Scouts to change its unjust policy that hurts and discriminates against millions of people across the country.

The controversy over the Boy Scouts re-erupted in July when the organization reaffirmed its anti-gay policy. The Task Force slammed the group for its ongoing discrimination, saying:

Clinging to a policy of exclusion and intolerance is hardly a good lesson for our young people. Once again, officials of the Boy Scouts of America have turned their backs on a chance to demonstrate fairness, exercise sound judgment, and serve as a role model for valuing others, free of bias and prejudice. This is deeply disappointing. Discrimination is never the right policy, period.