People of faith key force of Minnesota’s marriage campaign

Efforts are well under way to engage people of faith in the campaign to defeat  an anti-marriage amendment in Minnesota aimed at the November ballot. Minnesotans United for All Families, of which the Task Force is a coalition member, announced the creation of a faith department team of eight organizers who will work with and mobilize people of faith from all denominations and traditions in this campaign.

The Task Force has been a guiding presence in the faith organizing work for the campaign. Since June 2011, the Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, the Task Force’s faith work  director and director of the Institute of Welcoming Resources, and Kathleen Campisano, faith organizing manager, have served on the steering committee for Minnesotans United for All Families.

Rebecca says:

There are over 125 welcoming congregations and faith communities in Minnesota that can serve as a supportive foundation for LGBT people and that share a faith-based message of love and commitment.

As part of their work on the campaign, Rebecca and Kathleen have been working closely with OutFront Minnesota Faith Organizer Javen Swanson to help plan a strategy with faith leaders.

Kathleen says:

Starting one-on-one conversations between Minnesotans about who LGBT people are is the core of this campaign. This is an approach that empowers people of faith to reflect and listen while telling their own stories of acceptance and welcome for LGBT people.

Kathleen and Rebecca are supporting and training congregational and spiritual leaders to build teams of supporters that can share this message of love, freedom and justice. At the heart of all of this work — in the faith communities and in general — is the understanding that Minnesota is better, safer and more just when all families are strengthened and supported.

This campaign work takes shape in conjunction with our faith work through the Institute for Welcoming Resources and the National Religious Leadership Roundtable. Learn more at