Online Book of Condolences for Victims of Orlando Pulse Shooting And Their Families

As we join millions of others who are grieving the tragic shooting in Orlando, we are asking you, as part of the LGBTQ community, to join us in sending a message of love and healing to those victims still fighting for their lives, and for all the families who’ve been affected by this shooting.

We’ve created an online book of condolences that we’re asking you to sign. Our condolence book, which will close by July 17, will be presented to the Mayor of Orlando.

As we mourn, we must remain undeterred in our work to bring freedom, justice and equality to all marginalized communities. We must stand together as an LGBTQ movement, and as a movement dedicated to liberation for all.

Please sign our book so we can all stand together, united in love, against hate and violence. Together we can live proudly and unafraid as our whole selves.

100 people have signed this petition so far.