On the brink of history with the Supreme Court set to hear landmark marriage cases!

We’re just a few short days away from history in the making!

The Task Force has been organizing around one of the most historic civil rights events of our time — marriage equality at the Supreme Court! And we are now on the brink of history, with the Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments on Tuesday and Wednesday in landmark marriage cases challenging the Prop. 8 marriage ban in California and the discriminatory, federal “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA).

We are living in an incredible moment, when the momentum for the freedom to marry is undeniable. (Just look what happened over the past week alone here, here and here.)

Please join us and hundreds of others who will be gathering March 25-27 for prayer services, vigils and rallies outside the Supreme Court. More details here:

Monday, March 25: Supreme Court Vigil from 6:30-8PM across the street from the Supreme Court

Tuesday, March 26: A Prayer for Love & Justice: 7:15 AM at Lutheran Church of the Reformation

United for Marriage Rally: 8:30 AM on the steps of the Supreme Court

Parting the Waters: A Seder for Love, Liberation & Justice at the Human Rights Campaign Equality Center

Wednesday, March 27: United for Marriage Rally: 8:30 AM on the steps of the Supreme Court

While we expect many people to attend the events in Washington, D.C., the vast majority of actions will be events organized in your local communities. Learn about events in your area, or register your own event at United for Marriage. Keep current on all the goings-on:

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unitedformarriage2013_2People of faith are vital to changing hearts and minds about the freedom to marry specifically and LGBT equality generally. On the morning of March 26, people from more than 20 faith traditions will gather for a fabulous multi-faith sunrise service, A Prayer for Love & Justice, featuring music and community celebration. We hope you can join us. More details here.

About the cases Prop. 8/Hollingsworth v. Perry:
In May 2008, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of the freedom to marry. An estimated 18,000 same-sex couples were married before the discriminatory ballot measure, Proposition 8, passed that November, amending the state Constitution to exclude same-sex couples from marriage. Proposition 8 was found unconstitutional by the federal district court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on the basis it violates our nation’s fundamental concepts of liberty and equal treatment under the law. A law that violates the Constitution — and Americans’ basic freedoms — cannot stand.

350px-Supreme_Court_US_2010DOMA/United States v. Windsor:
The federal so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” unfairly excludes same-sex couples who are legally married from over 1,100 federal protections and responsibilities that the government provides to other married couples — like Social Security, active duty military spousal and veterans’ benefits, and fair treatment in taxation, health insurance and retirement savings. When same-sex couples are legally married in a state, it’s wrong for the federal government to discriminate against their marriages and their children.