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Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility

| By Kris Hayashi

This week and every day the National LGBTQ Task Force – the country’s oldest LGBTQ+ advocacy organization – honors our trans, nonbinary and gender non-confirming siblings around the world.   On March 31st we join in annually observing Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV). Trans people deserve so much more than visibility and representation remains important. Join us in uplifting and…

Settlement Achieved in Challenge to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” Law

The settlement of the challenge against the “Don’t Say Gay or Trans” law in Florida is a welcome and life-saving development and a win for the people of Florida. This decision is the direct result of activist and community efforts to fight harmful and discriminatory laws. These attacks were inflicted by elected officials and far-right…

Celebrating Women’s History Month

| By Benjamin Coy

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, the National LGBTQ Task Force continues to honor and celebrate the remarkable contributions of women+ and femmes. In that vein, we highlight four influential women+ and femmes who have left an indelible mark on history.   Kierra Johnson  Joining the Task Force in 2018 as Deputy Executive Director, Kierra’s…

Celebrating Black History Month

| By Benjamin Coy

Happy Black History Month! This month, we’re featuring Black-led/serving organizations and initiatives working to secure the ability to thrive within the intersections of all our identities.