National Women’s History Month 2015

March is National Women’s History Month, and March 8 was International Women’s Day.

Here at the National LGBTQ Task Force we’ve had many extraordinary dynamic women in our ranks, as everything from executive directors to board members to our employees to our allies and even our members — a small group of these women is pictured in the banner you clicked to get to this page. They’ve protested, been arrested, spoken out, and even held up signs at Presidential press conferences.

Whether they’re pictured here or not, our organization couldn’t have been built or have lasted as long as it has (40+ years!) without the many women who gave their blood, sweat, tears, and their spirits to our fight for equality.

At the National Women’s History Project you’ll find many resources and information about Women’s History Month, including a short history of how this month was created, a calendar listing birthdays and facts about memorable women, and you can also read about the nine outstanding women they’ve chosen as the 2015 National Women’s History Month Honorees.

This year, the NWHP has chosen “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives” as their theme. It’s these stories that help ensure that women won’t be forgotten, and that they’ll be credited for their many contributions to our culture and society. It’s women’s actual stories that help us break stereotypes and push the movement forward.

Another great resource on Women’s History Month is, a site put together by the Library of Congress and other organizations.

This month we hope all of you will take some time to read about and pay tribute to the achievements of the generations of women who’ve been invaluable to the world. And we hope you’ll then use this knowledge to continue the fight for gender equality — including the gender pay gap.

It’s action that creates change.