National LGBTQ Task Force Calls for Federal Probe of Cleveland Police and Murder of Tamir Rice

Washington, DC, December 29, 2015 — The National LGBTQ Task Force is releasing the following statement in response to yesterday’s decision by a grand jury not to indict two Cleveland police officers for the killing of Tamir Rice, a 12-year old black child.

“Parents and families everywhere were emotionally devastated by how Tamir Rice was killed by police a year ago, and are again devastated this week with Monday’s decision by the grand jury not to indict the police officers who are clearly responsible for his death. Millions across the country and around the world see this decision as unjust. We need action not words; we need real justice and an end to a criminal justice system that shows no regard for the value of black lives.

“Our court system failed Tamir Rice. Police should not be given a free pass to target and kill black people with impunity. We must end excessive force and institute systems that actually hold police accountable. Police should be protecting communities from violence, not contributing to violence against marginalized communities, including black people. Tamir Rice would likely be alive today if he had not been black. The non-indictment of the police officers involved in his killing is a travesty of justice. We urge the Justice Department to lead a swift and thorough investigation of the Cleveland police department and to bring justice to Tamir’s family, friends and community. Our country must do better,” said Russell Roybal, National LGBTQ Task Force Deputy Executive Director.


Jorge Amaro
Media and Public Relations Director