Minnesota House passes proposed constitutional amendment against marriage equality

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force denounced the Minnesota House’s passage of a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at denying marriage equality for same-sex couples and their families. The vote, which came after nearly six hours of debate late into Saturday night, was 70 to 62. The Senate previously approved the measure, which now heads to a statewide ballot in 2012. According to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll, the majority of Minnesotans oppose amending the state Constitution to ban marriage equality.

Statement by Rea Carey, Task Force executive director

The Minnesota House has turned its back on an opportunity to recognize and affirm our common humanity by passing this unnecessary and unfair amendment. This is deeply disappointing and hurtful to thousands of Minnesota same-sex couples and their families who simply want to be able to care for each other and share and celebrate their commitment publicly and legally as others already do. To be able to do so is a lifelong dream for many loving, committed couples. We urge the fair-minded people of Minnesota to reject this painful attack on their neighbors, co-workers, friends and family members.

Statement by the Rev. Rebecca Voelkel, Minnesota resident & faith work director for the
 Task Force:

This amendment seeks to mock, denounce and destroy the love, commitment, honesty and honor of same-sex couples and their families — not just in the statutes but in the state Constitution. In times like these, when thousands are out of work, serving abroad in war and conflict and seeking a way to get through each day, it is literally a shame on our state that we would spend an ounce of energy hurting people.