More great news on the marriage equality front!

More great news on the marriage equality front. Within the past 24 hours, we’ve seen marriage equality advance on many fronts!

The Delaware House of Representatives today passed a marriage equality bill in a 23-18 vote. The bill now shifts to the Senate, and Gov. Jack Markell has promised to sign it into law if it gets to his desk. In Rhode Island, meanwhile, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a marriage bill in a  7-4 vote. It now moves to the full Senate. The state’s House of Representatives approved the bill in January and Gov. Lincoln Chafee has also vowed to sign it into law.

On the international front, France held its final vote today on the marriage equality bill. The lower house approved it in its final vote. The bill, which would also give same-sex couples the right to adopt, was approved by the Senate earlier this month. French president François Hollande will sign it into law, making France the 14th nation with marriage equality. The French vote comes on the heels of New Zealand becoming the first country in the Asia Pacific region to recognize marriage equality with a vote last week. A week earlier,  after Uruguay approved a measure allowing the freedom to marry.

And yesterday, the Nevada Senate voted to begin the process of repealing the marriage equality ban from the state Constitution. The legislators approved Senate Joint Resolution 13 with a vote of 12-9. It would replace the ban with a requirement that the state recognize all marriages regardless of gender. The bill now moves to the House. If it passes there, the Legislature would have to approve it again in 2015. Then, the measure would be placed on the ballot in 2016.