Make civil unions a reality in Colorado!

The civil unions bill will be on the Colorado Senate floor this week, and every senator in the state needs to hear from you.

Send an e-mail to your legislators asking them to support civil unions today (even if you’ve done it before, do it again). Click here to send it.

Although we’ve seen a lot of support in the Senate, make no mistake: our legislators are hearing from our opposition — every day. Opponents of equality have been trying to stop civil unions from advancing in the legislature. They’re saying that our families don’t deserve to be treated the same way as heterosexual families. They’re using graphic, anti-LGBT rhetoric.

We can’t let their voices be the only one out there! Every senator and every representative needs to hear that you support civil unions! Will you send an e-mail to your legislators asking for their support for civil unions?

Even if you’ve e-mailed before, even if you’ve called, take action again! Every e-mail, every call, counts, especially in the House where the bill will face a difficult battle. The future of LGBT families in our state is in our hands right now. We can make civil unions a reality in Colorado — with your help.

Help us flood the inboxes of our senators just before this critical vote.

What will you do for Colorado’s families? We need your help — now — to continue moving forward.

Thank you for doing your part – we need you.