Lobby your elected officials at home

There are many ways to lobby your elected officials who represent your voice in Congress. At the Task Force we help you do it from your homes; by sending emails, signing petitions and making phone calls. And, at the end of this month, we’ll be hosting the first-ever Creating Change Lobby Day, to bring a united LGBT voice to the halls of Congress. We’ll be urging elected officials to pass federal legislation that will end discrimination in employment, provide LGBT-friendly domestic violence services, and create bully-free spaces in schools. While thousands of activists will be joining us for Creating Change, we know that many of you won’t be able to make it.

But, you can also influence your representatives and senators directly in your home state. During every congressional recess your elected officials come back to their district to connect directly with their constituents, whether by individual appointments or at a town hall meeting. We’re in the January recess now, so it’s the perfect time for you to call the local office and set up a visit or inquire about town hall meetings. You can visit our Action Alerts page for materials and talking points on relevant legislation, and we’ll keep you updated with every recess so that you’ll be prepared to work for LGBT equality. Remember, it is the job of your elected officials to represent you.

While recess is a great time to have these conversations, you can have  these important conversations during any time of the year. You can go to a member’s district office and spend some time with the district staff. Many offices have a dedicated constituent relations staff person. And when the member is in town, think about how much easier it might be to get direct contact with him or her when their staff remembers your name and face. Elected officials can’t do their jobs properly if they don’t hear from you, so contact them today!