Lawmakers in Massachusetts are expected to vote on Transgender Equal Rights Bill this week

Action Alert!

The Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary moved the Transgender Equal Rights Bill forward this morning, and votes are expected in the House and Senate this week. Please contact your state lawmakers now to ask for their support of this bill.

Your voice will be critical in the next 24 hours to the bill’s passage. Opponents of the bill have been swamping the inboxes of lawmakers. Lawmakers need to know that the public and their constituents support this bill!

MassEquality will be phone banking in support of the bill all day tomorrow. Join in so that we can connect supporters to their lawmakers’ voicemail boxes so they can leave messages in support of the bill. Call Justin at 617.878.2344 to sign up or send him an e-mail:

This bill provides vital protections in employment, education, housing, credit and hate crimes, protections that transgender residents of the Commonwealth desperately need. The bill is not perfect  — it does not include public accommodations protections — but it is a solid civil rights bill that represents an historic step forward in supporting full civil rights protections for the transgender community.

Please contact your state lawmakers and urge them to pass this important bill.