Labor Secretary Hilda Solis talks FMLA

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has a new commentary in The Advocate talking about the changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act that we told you about earlier this week.

Solis notes, in part:

We know that family-friendly policies and laws like the FMLA aren’t “niceties” but rather necessities that contribute to the well-being of all families and a better bottom line for employers. No further interpretation of that is required.

The Task Force’s Rea Carey points out:

This is a perfect example of how the scores of federal agency policy changes we are pursuing will benefit the lives of LGBT people and our families.  The pain that so many have faced in not being able to be with their sick children, not being recognized as the parents they are, isn’t piecemeal progress.  It’s life-changing progress we and our children deserve.