Judge puts brakes on Pennsylvania voter ID law; know your voter rights!

In a victory for voting rights, a judge today ordered Pennsylvania to halt enforcement of the state’s new controversial voter identification requirements in the Nov. 6 election. However, the law would be allowed to go into full effect next year. This is a temporary injunction and could be appealed to the Supreme Court.

The measure was passed this spring with no Democratic support. Supporters claim they are trying to ensure the integrity of the electoral process by preventing fraud, but many others say the law is aimed at suppressing votes among those who tend to vote Democratic.

The American Civil Liberties Union, League of Women Voters, Latino Justice and SeniorLAW Center are among those who have said the voter ID requirements make it nearly impossible for senior citizens, minorities and the poor to get the special voting card.

Know your rights!

The Task Force encourages voters across the country to know their rights this election season. Visit queerthevote.org to view our voter guide, register to vote, and learn more about your rights.

If you ever encounter problems voting, you can call the election protection hotline 1-866-Our-Vote or (888) VE-Y-VOTA or you can download the election protection smartphone app.