Join us at the 50th Anniversary March on Washington

JoinusMOWThis Saturday, August 24 will be a day to remember, a day you’ll want to tell your children and grandchildren about. You’ll want to tell them that you were on the Mall in Washington, D.C., just like so many of our brothers and sisters were 50 short years ago.

And you’ll definitely want to remember how you were part of this huge group of LGBT people who marched proudly behind fabulous banners.

Here at the Task Force, we want you to be part of making history, so join us this Saturday in Washington at the D.C. War Memorial on the Mall, just west of the World War II memorial between 17th and 23rd Streets on Independence Avenue, SW. It’s also just across the street from the MLK Memorial. Be there by 9:00 am (or earlier — we’ll be forming up around 8:30 am) and get yourself ready to step into the March at 9:30 am. We guarantee it’ll be a day to remember.

In 1963, it was about jobs, justice and equality. 50 years later, we still have work to do. Right now most LGBT workers have no protection against being fired simply for being who they are or who they love. Now is the time to come together to ensure that we finish what was so bravely begun 50 years ago.

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