It’s National Voter Registration Day!

Today is National Voter Registration Day and we’re just six weeks away from Election Day on Nov. 6. If you haven’t registered (and you somehow missed all of our e-mails about it!) get out there and register to vote. You can do it by clicking here.

While the reasons for voting can sometimes be lost in the noise of campaigns, it’s important to remember what you’re deciding on Election Day. You’re electing your city council and mayor who will be in charge of things like the policy and fire forces, services for the poor, and using tax dollars to maintain streets. You’ll be electing your governor and state representatives who will decide funding for state schools and health care services. You’ll be electing the president and your other federal officials who will help shape the nation’s direction and make foreign policy decisions.

Queer the Vote!

Elected officials exercise enormous power over critical issues affecting LGBT people, including granting nondiscrimination protections and family recognition; allocating funding for health and human service needs; and appointing judges whose rulings could impact our community for generations to come.

Elected officials need to know that LGBT people and allies comprise a voting bloc that won’t sit on the sidelines as their rights and lives are being trampled upon. We must move forward with a multi-issue agenda that mirrors our own lives. LGBT people come from every racial background, economic class, work in every field possible, and we’re members of unions, immigrants, and in need of decent health care just like everyone else. So until oppression ends for people of ALL colors, faiths, origins, ages, and abilities, our fight isn’t over. Stand with us as the progressive LGBT community and Queer the Vote in 2012!

Marriage in the states

These are just a few of the decisions that you help influence every election when you vote. And, in 2012, for those of you living in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota or Washington, you’ll be voting on marriage equality. If you do live in Washington state, your deadline to register is quickly approaching. The state has one of the earliest deadlines in the country with Oct. 9 being the deadline (it’s actually the 8th but the post office is closed because of the Columbus Day holiday). Maryland’s deadline is Oct. 16, while both Maine and Minnesota have same-day voter registration.

With so much on the line, make sure to register and then vote! More details at