Introducing Dorothy Jiang

(Tuesday, July 9, 2019) Welcome to the second post in our Summer Profiles series. Today, we’d like you to meet Dorothy Jiang who uses they and she pronouns. They are a 22-year-old recent graduate of Brown University, who majored in Intersectional Mental Health, who is interning with our Advocacy and Action Department.

Dorothy grew up in Seattle, Washington and Providence, Rhode Island, but is currently calling Washington, DC home! And we’re definitely stoked to have her here as a part of this summer’s Fellow and Interns cohort.

Why did you choose the Task Force?
The Task Force frames its work explicitly in intersectionality, allowing me to bring all of my identities and perspectives to the office. I’m excited to gain a more advanced understanding of the DC advocacy world, how to queer the progressive movement, and how to make the queer movement more progressive.

At this point in your work and career, what would you say you may be best known for?
I designed an intersectional suicide prevention training prioritizing community values and assets!

What is one of your favorite quotes?
“Love is not something you save and hoard. You’re born with it and you spend it when you have to and there’s always more because you’re a woman and there’s always suffering and pain and gentleness and sadness to make it grow.” – John Okada, No-No Boy

Grateful to have you joining us this summer, Dorothy. And Task Force family, we are excited to continue introducing you the remaining 5 fellow and interns who are with us in DC this summer, throughout the week.