How are you creating change in 2012?

By Sue Hyde, Creating Change Director, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Every year during our National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change I get inspired by everyone who works tirelessly for LGBT equality throughout the year. Hearing the stories of community organizers, campaign volunteers and dedicated activists is one of the highlights of the conference. With this year’s conference just around the corner, I’d like to hear more about what you’re doing in your community to create change.

Maybe you volunteer for a pro-LGBT group. Maybe you knock on doors and talk with your neighbors about equality and make sure they’re registered to vote. Do you donate money to good cause? Do you serve on committees or boards, trying to make your town a better place for LGBT people and our families? Are you one of those people who has their congressperson on speed dial?

Your resolutions for change – the work you do to make this a better world – will not only fuel our plans for this year, they’ll inspire and motivate everyone who’s part of our movement for justice.

Here’s how you can tell us what you’re doing and what you’re going to do next year:

At the Task Force, our resolution is to continue to create change in 2012. We’ll keep building the political power of the LGBT movement from the ground up and we’ll keep training people like you to help us do that in cities and towns all over the country.

You and the thousands of activists who come to Creating Change are the soul of our community – and of the fight for LGBT equality. And even if you can’t attend the conference, we know that you are creating change at home. We want to share your great work with all our supporters.

Be sure to visit the Creating Change Facebook page often to see what your fellow LGBT rights activists are fighting for.

And, if you want to join with other organizers and activists in person, you can still register for our Creating Change conference in Baltimore, Md. January 25-29. Register online now.