Gift Acceptance Policy

It is the policy of the National LGBTQ Task Force to consider the acceptability of gifts received from corporate entities to ensure that the policies and actions of any such gift are in line with the goals and mission of the organization.

There may occur instances where it can be clearly determined that money will not be accepted, overall, however, a determination will be made by the Task Force Executive Team regarding a gift’s appropriateness and acceptance.

Detailed below are various factors that would be considered in accepting funds from an entity, and as well, listed below are the procedures to come to such a determination.

Gift Acceptance Guidelines

  • Consideration will be made regarding a company’s existing policies for LGBTQ employees
  • In some instances, however, partnership with the Task Force may be specific to improving imperfect policies and gifts may be accepted
  • Company’s policies are expected to remain favorable to LGBTQ employees and any deterioration of positive policy for LGBTQ employees would be cause for reconsideration of gift acceptance
  • Consideration will also be made regarding a company’s external policies and actions and how those policies/actions affect the LGBTQ community
  • Greater scrutiny will be made to those individuals and entities making larger gifts that would provide them greater recognition and exposure with the organization
  • Corporate entities will be held to higher standard of a demonstrated overall commitment to the LGBTQ community in order to be considered to be a National Corporate Partner of the Task Force
  • Similarly, entities who are high-level sponsors of individual events will also be held to a higher standard
  • Consideration will be made regarding policies of parent companies in determining acceptability but will not necessarily preclude giving from an individual entity. The specific policies and actions of the individual entity are what will be evaluated
  • Consideration will be made regarding policies and actions by an individual or corporate entity in regard to the progressive issues aligned with the organization mission

Procedure for Acceptance of Questionable Gifts

  • It is the role of the Chief Development Officer to research and analyze the internal, and to what extent information is public, the external policies of funders towards the LGBTQ community and the greater progressive community.
  • Prospective giving and any potential conflicts related to such giving is updated to the Executive Team of the organization on at least a weekly basis so senior staff of the organization are informed at each point of potential funding and any potential conflicts.
  • Decisions regarding acceptance of questionable gifts are made at the Executive staff level.
  • If potential funding poses a particular challenge then the discussion is elevated to the Co-Chairs of the organization Board of Directors for additional approval of potential giving.