Gifts of Stock

It’s super easy to make a stock or mutual fund gift to the Task Force! If you own stock or mutual funds, it may be more tax-wise to contribute these shares than cash.

A gift of appreciated stock or mutual funds generally provides you a two-fold tax advantage:

  1. Avoid paying capital gains tax on the increase in the value of the stock or mutual funds.
  2. Receive a federal income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock or mutual funds at the time of the gift.

For example, if you purchased some stock many years ago for only $1,000, and now it’s worth $10,000, an outright gift of this stock to the Task Force would result in a charitable contribution deduction of $10,000. Plus there would be no tax on the $9,000 appreciation in value. And gifts of appreciated stock or mutual funds are fully deductible up to a maximum of 30% of your adjusted gross income.

Contact Us to Give a Gift of Stock

To give a gift of stock, please contact Saurabh Bajaj, at or 415-378-2971 for simple transfer instructions.