Games . . . Cocktails . . . Action!

You don’t have to be a Hollywood socialite to host a star-studded Oscar party — and the Task Force is here to help. The Task Force Oscar Party Kit, easy to download and totally free, will help make your Academy Awards party a truly stellar evening.

Our ready-to-roll Oscar-themed party games will liven up any lulls in the action and our fabulous cocktail recipes are all you need to make Sunday your very own night of nights!

Here’s a question from “Name that Movie,” the perfect commercial-time party game — which film features this classic quote?

“I never knew it could be like this! Nobody ever kissed me the way you do.”

Download the kit for the answer!

But the Academy Awards aren’t just a great opportunity to dish about what the stars are wearing (although who can resist?); they’re also a time to celebrate the enormous contribution that the silver screen has made to the fight for social justice by putting a human face on the struggle for equality and acceptance.

Films like The Color Purple, Paris is Burning, Beginners, Boys Don’t Cry, Albert Nobbs, A Better Life, Erin Brokovich, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?, and Milk, to name just a few, have exposed millions of Americans in theaters everywhere to issues they may never have thought about otherwise, providing the perspective and understanding that leads to change. By raising big issues in an entertaining format, the big screen has transformed public opinion and sown the seeds that move us closer to full equality.

So hats off to Oscar — let’s celebrate! All you have to do is send out your invites and bring in supplies — the Task Force has the rest covered. Here’s all you need!