Fundamental right to sexual health and freedom

Rape and abortion have been major topics this week. Legislators and people on the campaign trail of all political stripes have something to say about what rape is and, when and whether abortion should be legal. Too many male legislators have demonstrated their ignorance about the mechanics of sex as well as about the violence and lack of choice that is at the heart of rape.

It frightens us that policy decisions about women’s health could be made by people who are depending on junk science peddled by fringe activists and who clearly believe that women aren’t smart enough to make decisions about their bodies and their health.

The hateful rhetoric surrounding women’s health in this election season is inextricably tied to the fight for LGBT equality. The movements for reproductive justice and LGBT rights share a common bond. We are all working for the right to choose who and how we love and how we use our bodies without government abuse and intrusion.

At the Task Force, we believe in a person’s fundamental right to sexual health and freedom and the right to decide whether or when to become a parent.

This kind of thing is why participating in elections matters. Issues like “personhood” will be on the ballot in many states this fall. If they become law, the right to an abortion and even to birth control could be a thing of the past. Find out what’s on the ballot in your state and pledge to Queer the Vote this November.