Front row seat at the White House

Wish you could ask the president’s closest advisors questions that weren’t answered in the State of the Union? Well, now you can.

Tonight, after President Obama’s speech, the Task Force’s interactive media coordinator Kathy Plate will be at the White House talking with those senior advisors and sending out their answers via Twitter.

We know he’ll talk a lot about the economy and jobs. But what about making sure that sexual orientation and gender identity aren’t reasons to put or keep LGBT people out of a job?

Task Force Interactive Media Coordinator Kathy Plate.

Send us your questions via Twitter using the @TheTaskForce handle and the #WHChat hashtag and we’ll try to ask the White House senior advisors your questions in-person. We have some of our own that we’ll be tweeting, so be sure to monitor Twitter tonight so you can retweet and promote them to your followers.

White House senior advisors will be answering questions from the in-person audience of “tweetup” participants, including Kathy, as well as those submitted via Twitter. And Kathy will do what it takes to get your questions answered, even if she has to wave her arms in the air.

This is a great opportunity to bring our voices to the table, and to remind the Obama team that we’ll continue to push for full equality and justice for LGBT people and their families even during an election year.

Please join us for this exciting White House event and send us the questions you want answers to after listening to the State of the Union address tonight. Don’t forget; include both @TheTaskForce and #WHChat in your tweets so we’ll be sure to see them tonight.