Friday evening: Training trainers

By Jenna Lowenstein, Interactive Media Coordinator, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Bright and early tomorrow morning, our Power Summit participants will be heading out into L.A. to have conversations with California voters about marriage equality. We’re going to be having most of our conversations with undecided and unsupportive voters, so in order to get ready for those conversations, tomorrow’s trainers got together this evening to practice and prepare.

The take-home message? Nothing can stop us from talking to voters and starting conversations that will change hearts and minds. At the end of the training, everyone learned a new chant:

Fences have latches
Dogs have tails
Signs aren’t for us

In other words, we can go through fence gates, read dogs’ moods by their tails, and ignore ‘No Solicitation’ signs — since we’re not soliciting.

Look out L.A.!