Friday afternoon: Building power by learning skills

After lunch, everyone here at the California Power Summit got down to the business of learning concrete skills they can take home with them on Sunday.

The TF's Trina Olson, Dan Hawes and Causten Wollerman (not pictured) lead a training on asking for help.

Task Force organizers Trina Olson and Causten Wollerman led a session to the whole group on learning how to ask for help. Their reenactment of a time Causten hadn’t accepted help from Trina was funny, but the session’s message was serious. Not accepting help, Trina said, means telling someone that you didn’t need them. It also means a missed opportunity to work grow our power together.

Trina and workshop participants try out urgent volunteer recruitment pitches on one another.

Later, Trina and Causten led a second session on volunteer recruitment. The session focused on participants developing effective, personal and urgent messages tailored to the campaigns they’re working on back home. The goal was to come up with pitches that would empower volunteers and make them want to join each fight.

At the same time, the Task Force’s Rodrigo Lehtinen and Dan Hawes led a session on recruiting Spanish-speaking volunteers, Reclutamos –Creciendo Nuestro Equipo de Hispano Hablantes.

Rodrigo Lehtinen and Dan Hawes lead "Recultamos!" -- a session on recruiting and managing Spanish-speaking volunteers.

English speakers listened to simultaneous translation on headset.