DOJ decision not to prosecute Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson is “wrong and seems to contradict its report on police bias in Ferguson”

WASHINGTON, DC, March 4, 2015 — The Department of Justice (DOJ) has decided not to prosecute Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown. In response, the National LGBTQ Task Force issued the following statement:

“The Department of Justice’s decision not to prosecute Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown is wrong and seems to contradict its own report that policing in Ferguson is biased. This sends a dangerous mixed message to our nation that on the one hand you can live in a city where the police track-record on race is appalling but the killing of an innocent black man by a police officer has no legal consequence. We owe the activists and organizations in Ferguson deep gratitude as they continue to raise awareness of these life-and-death issues and as they monitor whether the DOJ will go beyond reports and words to take meaningful action,” said Rev. Darlene Nipper, Deputy Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force.


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