Demand fair immigration reform

Today, the bipartisan “gang of eight” senators introduced legislation to fix our broken immigration system. The Task Force believes that immigration is an LGBT issue and we’re dedicated to ensuring that Congress passes fair and humane immigration reform this year. The introduction of this bill is an important first step.

The Task Force's Rea Carey speaking at today's massive immigration reform rally. Photo credit: Kathy Plate

The Task Force’s Rea Carey speaking at the April 10 immigration reform rally. Photo credit: Kathy Plate

However, this legislation includes roadblocks and barriers that leave out many immigrants including LGBT people and bi-national same-sex couples. That’s why we need you to join us by calling on Congress to pass legislation that leaves no one behind.

The current legislation provides important pathways to citizenship that will benefit thousands of LGBT individuals, but it doesn’t do nearly enough.

Take action now to tell Congress to pass reform that:

  • Provides a real pathway to citizenship
  • Ensures family unity for ALL families
  • Ends unjust detentions and deportations
  • Upholds labor and employment standards
  • Promotes a dignified quality of life for border communities
  • Doesn’t relegate immigrant members of our community to second-class status

If we stand united in support of this reform, we can win policies that leave no one behind. Thanks for taking action.