Demand a fair budget

You’ve likely heard about the looming “fiscal cliff.” If no solution is reached, taxes go up on everyone and federal spending goes down dramatically.

Of course the tax increase would affect you, but do you know how the spending cuts would?

Last week the Task Force and the Center for American Progress, along with nearly two dozen other groups, released a report highlighting how LGBT people and our families will be impacted if Congress and the president fail to reach an agreement.

These federal spending cuts would slash vital programs and services that provide much-needed support to traditionally marginalized groups, including LGBT people. From funding to reduce homelessness and improve health to investigations of bullying and violence, the ability of local organizations and federal offices to protect people of all stripes hangs on the outcome of the fiscal showdown.

Take a look at the report, and then click here to tell your representatives in Congress that you demand a budget that protects the at-risk and marginalized.

In one of the richest countries in the world, we have an obligation to care for one another. Take a moment today to demand that Congress do just that.