Tell the NCAA: Reverse Your Decision Around HB2

Last year when the North Carolina legislature passed HB 2—a bill targeting transgender people, minimum wage workers, and other protected minorities—the NCAA took a position against this discriminatory law by announcing they’d relocate their 2016-2017 championship games outside of North Carolina.

As a result of the NCAA’s position, the North Carolina legislature recently passed a law they claimed was a repeal of HB2, HB142, and NCAA announced they’d consider hosting championship games in North Carolina. But HB142 is not a repeal; it’s just discrimination by another name. The National LGBTQ Task Force has been organizing North Carolinians, including faith leaders, to take action against discrimination. Together, we are urging the NCAA to hold the line and reject the fake “repeal” that the legislature has put in place.

Please TAKE ACTION by urging members of the NCAA’s Board of Governors to reverse their decision on putting North Carolina back in contention for future championships.

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Note: Some of the government submission forms this information is submitted to requires a title without providing inclusive options outside of the gender binary. At the Task Force, we keep working and advocating for these forms to be inclusive and apologize for the gendered nature of this form field.

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