Tell Health & Human Services: Our Health Matters

Task Force staff with signs protesting HHS at their DC building

**NOTE: The official comment period ended at Midnight on 3/27. We appreciate everyone who sent comments!**

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a proposed rule in January 2018 that would allow healthcare providers to insert a giant religious and moral exemption into all of their health programs. In other words, healthcare professionals could deny care to LGBTQ people especially transgender people, women, and people living with HIV. At the same time, the HHS Office of Civil Rights opened a new division of “Conscience and Religious Freedom” to enforce this so-called “religious or moral” discrimination.

Help us stop this “license to discriminate” in healthcare. Let HHS know that no one should be denied care for being who they are. Share your story below and we will share it with HHS!

**Please note that all comments will be submitted to HHS, used in advocacy, and be posted online. You may choose to comment anonymously or with a pseudonym.**

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Note: Some of the government submission forms this information is submitted to requires a title without providing inclusive options outside of the gender binary. At the Task Force, we keep working and advocating for these forms to be inclusive and apologize for the gendered nature of this form field.

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