Help Protect Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Students!

We believe all students deserve a safe and affirming learning environment in school, including trans and gender non-conforming students. Please join us in sending a message to Trump that you are disappointed that he rescinded the federal guidance to public schools that made it clear that Title IX non-discrimination protections apply to gender identity.

His action sets a terrible example to teachers, students and faculty in our public schools about the respect and dignity that should be shown to trans and gender non-conforming students. According to the 2015 US Trans Survey, which surveyed thousands of trans and gender non-conforming people about their experiences in K-12 public schools, 54% of respondents had been verbally harassed, 24% had been physically attacked, and 17% had left school because their mistreatment was so bad. Also, 60% had been forced to use a bathroom or locker room inconsistent with their gender identity. This discrimination affects everything from their grades to their health to college admission to their future careers.

Please tell Trump that trans and gender non-conforming students deserve safe, supportive and welcoming learning environments where they can thrive.

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Note: Some of the government submission forms this information is submitted to requires a title without providing inclusive options outside of the gender binary. At the Task Force, we keep working and advocating for these forms to be inclusive and apologize for the gendered nature of this form field.

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