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The house/ballroom community stems from a place of resilience, strength, and survival of LGBT BIPOC in the United States. During the 1940s Harlem Renaissance, elaborate pageants featuring Black and Latinx LGBT community members gave rise to what is known today as the house/ballroom community.
In the 1970s & 80s shaped greatly by economic, social, and political forces, the first houses were created. Their structure stems from what we know best, families; mother, father, and of course, the children, each with their own talent, gift, and personal struggle.

Join us as we bring to life and give LIFE to the ballroom community at the “Agents of Change –A Night of a Thousand Stars Mini-Ball” on Friday, January 19, 2024, at 9 pm.

Over the years, Penelope, the Angels, and Oso, along with many other members from the ball community have brought the ballroom culture to Creating Change. All ages and gender expressions are welcome, and we ask everyone to adhere to some agreements:

  • Ball culture has a language and culture of its own, and at times may be perceived as other than what it is: a language with its own herstory, flaws, nuances, and evolution. Please be respectful of the language and culture, do your homework and if appropriate, ask if you do not understand why a phrase or word is being used.
  • Please be respectful of community members attending the event. The same is expected of them towards you.
  • Please keep reading and shadiness to a minimum. The message is LOVE.
  • Violence, in any form, will not be tolerated by anyone and you will be asked to leave the function. This has not been an issue in past years, and we want to continue this tradition. Yes, we must repeat it for the folxs in the back!
  • Bring your creativity and talent and have a blast! The ball is a place of innovation, validation, and celebration of us and each other.

Welcome to Creating Change 2024 and we hope to see you on the runway!


ICON Angel Infiniti


MC: Legendary Jrock EBONY
DJ: Johnny Motts


1. OTA Vogue – Grand Prize – $450 gift card

The Jester – King Rex needs entertainment for his court this carnival season! He is calling upon the greatest Mardi Gras Jester to dance and make the people merry! Come show us your best moves and get the kingdom cheering. (Vogue Fem, Realness with a Twist, Old way, New Way and FF Performance)

5 Trophies and 1 Grand Prize Winner takes a $450 Gift Card.

2. OTA Runway – Mini Grand – $300 Gift Card

The revolution will not be televised, it will be in the walk and coming thru the Parade route!! Marches have always been a part of our collective struggle and celebration. With a message of power and a sickening look in Mardi Gras PURPLE, serve the children with a walk that stands for change.

Your message MUST be visible and be in any format like a sign, poster, picture, or written on your effect. Now go’ head and show us something!

For first time walkers, research: All American Runway, European Runway, and Female Figure runway.

Three Trophies and one Mini Grand Prize winner takes the $300 Gift Card

3. OTA MC vs MC – Mini Mini Grand – One Trophy and $200 gift card

New Orleans Bounce is back, because of the great Bounce rappers, like Big Freedia!

Give us a rap or chant that incorporates prevention and one line from a Big Freedia Song.

One Trophy and $200 Gift Card.

4. WOMEN’s Big Grrrl Runway (Cis women) – One Trophy and $150 Gift Card

Salt-n-Peppa said, “Let’s Talk About Sex!” Dripping in a pink BURLESQUE look that screams sex give us a walk that causes an orgasm. Bring it tight, not sloppy. Serve the runway and serve it well. Accessories can be any color of choice.

One Trophy and $150 Gift Card.

5. OTA Spoken Word – One Trophy and $150 gift card

With a 2 min. poem give us words of liberation of how we can survive in these current times or what 2024 holds in store to create change. This category is in honor of all BIPOC poets we have lost over the years, specifically in loving memory of Brandon Lacey Campos. Rest in Power.

One Trophy and One $150 Gift Card.

6. OTA Songbird – One Trophy and $150 Gift Card

Love is the Message, and we are in New Orleans where LOVE SAVED LIVES in 2005. Give us a song of Love, Hope, or Freedom! Make the people feel your Message.

All songs can only be Acapella or with a drum companion.

One Trophy and $150 Gift Card.

7. OTA Sex Siren – One Trophy and $150 gift card

You have collected a ton of beads as you walk down Bourbon Street! Tonight, take those BEADS and incorporate it in your Sexy Effect! Make sure we have “no peekaboo” surprises while showing us how you got those “throws” (beads)! Cover those private areas and make something shake! (MF, FF, GNC)

3 Trophies and one winner takes the $150 Gift Card.

8. GNC Best Dressed – One Trophy and $150 Gift Card

The latest scandal of the gender binary has stirred up a rise of new categories and like Olivia Pope you are here to set the record “straight!” You have been invited to the ball thrown by the AGENTS OF CHANGE KREWE during the 2024 carnival season. Bring it in a look that will make the people stare in awe. Whether a beautiful gown or stellar tux, just make sure it turns heads and gives OVAH looks.

One Trophy and $150 gift card.

9. OTA Face – One Trophy and $150 Gift Card

Models of Change – In a Mardi Gras effect that incorporates any color that brings out YOUR face, sell it from the back, show us that you’re the next cover model for an LGBTQ magazine. (MF vs. FF vs. GNC)

3 Trophies and one overall winner takes the $150 gift card.

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