Creating Change 2011: Workshop proposal deadline extended to Oct. 15

Good news!  Your Creating Change team has extended the deadline for workshop proposals to Oct. 15.

Better news! We want you to bring your best ideas, your spiffy trainings, your great projects so that our movement can learn, grow and create change. 

Best news! The Creating Change 2011 gathering will convene some of our movement’s best and brightest thinkers, our hardest workers and our most fun and fab friends in Minneapolis on Feb. 2 – 6, 2011. Online proposal form at Our Creating Change 2011 Host Committee members in Minneapolis/St. Paul puts queer shoulders to the wheel to roll out a beautiful rainbow carpet of welcome to all attendees and guests at our annual confab.

While you noodle through your workshop proposal to meet the Oct. 15 deadline, be assured that Creating Change 2011 will inspire us all to secure full legal equality and, even better, full social acceptance for all of us. 

The program of daylong institutes on Wednesday, Feb. 2, and Thursday, Feb. 3, teaches a range of crucial skills, from anti-racism to message development to youth organizing. New programs: Ally Institute, NYAC Youth Summit, and Schools Training by GLSEN.

The Academy for Leadership and Action presents a full menu of sophisticated trainings for organizational leaders, covering topics from communications to community organizing.

At Practice Spirit, Do Justice, a special convening of faith leaders at Creating Change 2011, we will learn how to bridge the secular/faith divide in our communities and in our movement.

We’ll have time to party, too.

 The House Ball vogues back to Creating Change, produced by Twin Cities Black Pride, on Friday, Feb. 4, 2011.

A fantastic youth event, produced by Campus Progress, levitates the hotel ballroom on Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011.

Don’t be left out in the cold…uh, did we mention Minneapolis in February? Not to worry. Our host hotel, the Hilton Minneapolis, has plenty of heat and the downtown area of Minneapolis features miles and miles of heated skyways.

 Cold? Not us! Our Minneapolis hosts will warm our hearts; our extraordinary program will get us hot and bothered for change; our wonderful Creating Change family will refresh our spirits and prime us for the year ahead.

Hop over to to submit your proposal and get yourself to Minneapolis!