Commemorating World AIDS Day 2010

The Task Force commemorates World AIDS Day with a commitment to continue working toward the “eradication of ignorance, intolerance and HIV/AIDS.”

Statement by Rea Carey, Executive Director 
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

World AIDS Day is a grave and important occasion for all people. Now into the third decade of this bitter epidemic, we have no cure and our nation is still waiting for more resources and less ignorance. The epidemic has not gone away for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community or any other community.

Despite a lack of attention to HIV/AIDS in recent years, state and local municipalities must recognize that HIV/AIDS continues to be a significant, life-threatening condition that affects the entire community and disproportionately burdens gay and bisexual men. We are no longer alone in fighting this disease like we were 30 years ago, but as a community we must engage our partners on a national level. The federal government recently published its National HIV/AIDS Strategy, which calls for greater cooperation between our community and the government. It is incumbent upon us to answer this call to action and work with our partners across the country to continue fighting this epidemic.

Today, we take time to honor the many warriors who have dedicated their lives to the fight against HIV/AIDS. We mourn all the people we have lost and we acknowledge with great sadness the reality that thousands more will become infected during the coming year, with no end in sight. We vow to continue working toward the eradication of ignorance, intolerance and HIV/AIDS.