Create art at Creating Change 2012!

Come celebrate with us as Creating Change 2012 expands from workshops, trainings and plenary sessions to the canvas!

From the representations of same-sex desire and androgyny to the political lessons of the ACT UP movement, the arts have been a vital and historic component of queer culture. Today, our banners, the art we hang on our walls, and the logos we create all foster and reflect our collective and individual visions within our communities.

Through our creative and artistic, selves, we seek to express our desires and our rage, love and passion, our commitment to creating a world we want to live in.

This year, Creating Change offers you Art Studio Space CC12, a collaborative space where you are encouraged to draw, paint, glue, sew, and weave your own personal experiences of the movement. Bring your creativity to the Art Space CC12 banner, weave some queer magic, or just stop by and schmooze for a bit. Hope to see you there!

CC12 Studio Gallery

Saturday evening, Art Studio Space CC12 transforms to CC12 Studio Gallery, a venue where artists will have the opportunity to display, celebrate and discuss the work created over the course of the conference. Participants can ask questions, make observations and engage artists in dialogue about their work in the CC12 Studio Gallery Space.

So pack your brushes, get the glitter out, and get ready for some Creative Change at Creating Change 2012!