Coloradans, ask your legislators to support civil unions!

Read the action alert from One Colorado below, and get involved today!

Thousands of LGBT couples in Colorado are doing the hard work of building strong families, and yet these committed couples lack the tools they need to take care of and be responsible for each other. Civil unions will change that.

You can help make this change. If you live in Colorado, send a letter to your representative and senator and tell them to support civil unions and protect all families. Enter your zip code so we can make sure your elected officials hear from their constituents – loud and clear.

Civil unions will provide Colorado couples with critical legal protections and responsibilities. Protections like access to health insurance coverage, the ability to make medical and end-of-life decisions, and the right to live together in a nursing home. Responsibilities like adoption and inheritance.

Making civil unions a reality in Colorado won’t be easy. Our elected officials need to know how important civil unions are to us. They need to hear from all fair-minded Coloradans to make sure they support civil unions.