Colorado General Assembly passes civil unions bill, poised for governor’s signature

The Colorado House today passed by a 39-26 vote a civil unions bill covering sex-couples. The measure previously passed the Senate. Gov. John Hickenlooper is expected to sign it. The law would take effect May 1.

Statement by Rea Carey, executive director, 
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

Congratulations, Colorado. This is about love and fairness, pure and simple. Same-sex couples and our families simply want to be treated fairly, as our friends, neighbors and co-workers already are. We want to be able to provide for and protect our families, just as everyone else does. This measure helps make this more possible for all the loving, committed same-sex couples and families throughout Colorado.

Over the years, we’ve talked about why fairness matters, and of how discrimination hurts families. All across Colorado, people have had these personal and poignant conversations around their kitchen tables, in their living rooms, on their front porches, on Facebook, and plenty of other places. The transformative nature of people talking about their love and their lives is clear, as we see with this victory today.

While not a substitute for full civil marriage, this measure is an important step forward. We congratulate One Colorado and all those who worked so hard to ensure fairness for all Colorado families.