Colorado Court Rules Against Anti-LGBTQ Bakery

WASHINGTON, DC, August 14, 2015 — Yesterday, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled a bakery’s refusal to prepare a cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding as unlawful. In its decision, the court found that Masterpiece Cakeshop violated the 2014 Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA).

“Freedom of religion is important—that’s why it is already protected by our nation’s Constitution. But opponents of equality want to create a legal system that discriminates against others; they want to cherry-pick beliefs they want to protect and ignore other people’s religious beliefs,” said Rea Carey, National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director. “While the ability to purchase a wedding cake may be considered trivial to some, we know that LGBTQ bias is harmful whether it’s in a bakery shop, on the job, in an apartment rental, at a food pantry or in a shopping mall. Discrimination is wrong, period.”

“The bottom line is that businesses that are open to the public should be open to everyone on the same terms. No one should be turned away from a business simply because of who they are or the person they love. We welcome the Colorado court’s decision to protect same-sex couples against discrimination as we continue working to secure full freedom, justice, and equality for LGBTQ people,” said Carey.

In October, the National LGBTQ Task Force will be hosting the Faith & Family Power Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah. The four-day gathering seeks to provide LGBTQ people of faith and faith leaders with resources and skills to defend against attacks by equality opponents seeking to pass discriminatory laws. For more information about the summit and to register to attend, please visit this page of website.


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