China’s emerging LGBT leaders visit Creating Change

Over 20 young LGBT community leaders from China are attending this year’s Creating Change. The group, convened by the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, will be at Creating Change all week participating in various events, including a caucus on Friday evening where they will explain their roles in the Chinese LGBT community and movement.

The Task Force's Russell Roybal and Sue Hyde pose with a group of LGBT leaders from China.

The Task Force’s Russell Roybal and Sue Hyde pose with the group of young LGBT leaders from China.

On Wednesday morning, they kicked off their week with a special Q&A by the Task Force’s Russell Roybal and Sue Hyde. Russell and Sue answered a variety of questions from the group on topics like organizing, immigration and the conference itself. They explained the origins of Creating Change, along with the challenges and changes the conference has faced since its inception in 1988. Russell and Sue also stressed the importance of outreach and building a diverse community around your cause.

Sue Hyde explains the origins of Creating Change to the group.

Sue Hyde answers questions from the group.

The Q&A closed with Sue Hyde reminding the attendees that their work with the LGBT community in China is critical, since China is one of, if not the most, important countries on the planet.

Russell and Sue receive a pair of plates as gifts from the group.

Russell and Sue receive a token of thanks from the group.