Boy Scouts Partially Repeals Discriminatory Ban on Gay and Bisexual Adult Leaders

WASHINGTON, DC, July 29, 2015—The Boy Scouts of America has announced a partial repeal of its discriminatory ban on gay and bisexual adults. However, the new policy still allows for local religiously affiliated units to choose to discriminate against gay and bisexual men.

“The Boys Scouts of America, as one of the nation’s largest youth organizations, has taken an important step toward eliminating discrimination against LGBTQ people. Gay and bisexual men are fathers, uncles, brothers, faith leaders, educators, and counselors. Denying a well qualified, competent, and highly skilled scout leader the opportunity to teach survival skills, facilitate capacity training, and encourage civic engagement, is unfair and wrong.

“We welcome the Boy Scouts of America’s announcement, but it is clear that there is still work to be done to ensure that all boys and men are able to join the Boy Scouts of America and serve in all levels of leadership within the organization. We also look forward to the day when the Boy Scouts will clarify its policy on allowing transgender boys and men to participate as scouts and scout leaders—as well as lift its ban on atheists,” said Rea Carey, National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director.


Jorge Amaro
Media and Public Relations Director