Blunt amendment: No health care for you!

LGBT people suffer from significantly higher rates of health disparities caused and exasperated by a lack of access to quality, affordable health insurance. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is making big strides to alleviate this problem, but its progress is now under attack by conservatives in Congress.

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)

In an attack on women’s health, the Respect the Rights of Conscience Act of 2011, sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), would allow employers and health insurance companies to refuse coverage for any health care service that they object to on the basis of religious beliefs or moral convictions. Yet, this amendment is not only an attack on women’s health, it creates a giant loophole that could affect all Americans, especially LGBT people.

What could people object to you may ask? Let’s see… how about in-vitro fertilization, contraception, hormone therapy, HIV/AIDS coverage, domestic partner insurance, mammograms, cancer screenings…the list goes on.

Any employer or health plan issuer can claim an exemption on any service based on this vague and harmful standard.

The amendment goes further though, giving health care providers them the right to refuse to provide a service because of a religious or moral objection. They wouldn’t even be required to refer you to someone who would help.

This is unconscionable and cannot stand! Act now to oppose this attack.

Insurance and health care services already leave many scratching their heads and feeling powerless. The Blunt amendment would take away more power from you and give it to employers, insurance companies and doctors. Conservatives rail against phantom menaces controlling your health. But here they are making a power grab to give your employer, your insurance company and your doctor more control. Shouldn’t you be in charge of your own health care?

Take action: Tell your senators to oppose the Blunt amendment!