Bernie Sanders takes the gloves off to defend Social Security

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today introduced the Social Security Protection Act  as an amendment to the small business legislation on the Senate floor this week. It would require a supermajority vote (60 votes) on any cuts to the Social Security system.

Nearly all Americans will depend on Social Security at some point in their lives, and LGBT people have less income in retirement and have to rely on Social Security more than straight people. The Task Force is hand-delivering petitions that say “Hands Off Social Security” to senators on Capitol Hill this Thursday, March 17 . If you would like  to add your name to that list of thousands of LGBT people and our allies, you can sign the Task Force petition telling senators to keep their hands off of Social Security.

We support and applaud  Senator Sanders for his efforts to protect Social Security. We urge you to take action today to ensure that Social Security is not cut as a sacrifice to deficit during the budget debate. As Sen. Sanders said earlier today:

It is absurd to be discussing Social Security in the context of deficit reduction when Social Security hasn’t contributed to the deficit.