Are you a federal employee? You can support the Task Force through the CFC

Adam Weaver works as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration and supports the Task Force through the CFC.

If you’re an employee of the U.S. Federal Government, including the military services, you can easily designate the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force as a beneficiary of your payroll deduction through the Combined Federal Campaign. Simply enter our CFC number 35004.

Task Force supporter Adam Weaver states:

The Combined Federal Campaign is an easy way to support the Task Force all year long. I chose the Task Force as my designated beneficiary because I believe in the work that they do. They’re out there training leaders to address the issues that are important to me and helping to get laws passed that make life better for gay people. They are doing the footwork to make this country a friendlier and more welcoming place. And with the CFC, I can help by just filling out a form.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force builds the political power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community from the ground up. The Task Force is the country’s premier social justice organization fighting to improve the lives of LGBT people, and working to create positive, lasting change and opportunity for all.

The Combined Federal Campaign is the program through which federal employees voluntarily donate to eligible not for profit groups. Last year, more than a million federal workers – military and civilian – pledged over $282 million. Each fall, program administrators hand out CFC Directories to employees around the country and overseas. The Directories run to more than 100 pages, and employees are invited to pick individual groups they wish to support. Their pledges convert to payroll deductions throughout the following year.