Announcing the Creating Change art studio space

art1We are absolutely thrilled to bring back the popular Art Studio Space which we premiered at last year’s Creating Change conference. Through our creative, artistic, brilliant selves, we seek ways of expressing our fierce desires, love and passion and our commitment to creating a world in which we want to live.

The arts have been a vital and historic component of our LGBTQ culture. Our creative expressions foster and reflect individual visions within our communities, through the banners we carry, the logos we brand for our organizations and the art we hang on our walls. The Art Studio Space at CC13 is a collaborative space in which we draw, paint, glue, sew and weave our own personal experiences within the LGBTQ movement. The Art Studio is for participants to express their creative and individual hopes, compassion and desires with glitter, markers, cloth and paint.

The possibilities are endless! Bring your artistic LGBTQ awesome selves to the Art Studio Space CC13 Banner, weave some queer magic, or just relax and have some right brain fun! Hope to see you there!


We’ll also be turning the studio into a gallery space on Saturday night, so even if you’re not ready to create, you can stop by and appreciate the work!