15 in ’15

Here are just 15 of the many things we achieved in 2015. Please vote for the Task Force now.

  1. Helped win marriage equality by changing hearts and minds across the nation.
  2. Pushed successfully for the creation of a comprehensive federal non-discrimination bill.
  3. Fought successfully for an EEOC ruling that sexual orientation is protected by federal civil rights law.
  4. Brought hundreds of people of faith and secular progressive people together for our Faith and Family LGBTQ Power Summit, training attendees to advocate and create welcoming spaces for LGBTQ people — and shifting the phony narrative that LGTBQ people aren’t people of faith and people of faith aren’t supportive of LGBTQ people.
  5. Called for the decriminalization of sex work.
  6. Created a campaign to stop politicians and government officials using faith as an excuse to impose their anti-LGBTQ views on others.
  7. Grew the LGBTQ movement through our Creating Change Conference in Denver, Colorado, training and equipping more than 3,500 people with the skills to advance LGBTQ freedom, justice and equality at every level.
  8. Hurried history by successfully advocating for President Obama to mention bisexual and transgender people in the State of the Union.
  9. Intensified our #StopTransMurders public awareness campaign, as murders of trans and gender non-conforming people of color double in less than a year.
  10. Partnered with leading civil rights organizations to urge Congress for a badly-needed restoration of historic voting rights legislation and released a LGBTQ Voting Rights Toolkit.
  11. Presented the Trans Leadership Exchange, a unique six-month program for transgender and gender non-conforming community leaders to strengthen their leadership skills.
  12. Provided vital, logistical and on the ground support to protect and advance important nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people.
  13. Spearheaded the first historic meeting between trans women of color and the White House.
  14. Stood with Planned Parenthood as it was attacked by the opponents of reproductive rights.
  15. Trained hundreds of activists to build LGBTQ power at a Power Summit focused on racial/gender justice in Miami, Florida. Attendees were trained to do fundraising, did long-form persuasion at doors in Miami and learned the basics of grassroots organizing.

Please vote for the Task Force now.