Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, A Look at Multiracial Respondents

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey [NTDS] results showed that transgender people across the board face discrimination and bias that impacting areas of life. However, one of the most important findings was that the combination of anti-transgender bias with structural and face-to-face racism means that transgender people of color experience particularly devastating levels of discrimination.  This publication highlights the experience of multiracial trans people. 

No Golden Years at the End of the Rainbow: How a Lifetime of Discrimination Compounds Economic and Health Disparities for LGBT Older Adults

Exploring how health care disparities and economic insecurity are compounded over the course of a lifetime and have devastating effects on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults.

Movement Analysis: The Pathway to Victory, a Review of Supreme Court LGBT Cases

In the summer of 2013, the United States Supreme Court handed down its most sweeping LGBT rights case to date, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act’s (DOMA) definitions of marriage and spouse.  This publication looks back at the five cases that created the historical path that led the Court to where it is today. 


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