Marriage/Partner Recognition

State Laws Prohibiting Recognition of Same-Sex Relationships map

This United States map indicates which states have prohibited same-sex relationships by statute and/or constitutional amendment.

Why civil unions are not enough

The federal government alone accords 1,138 benefits and responsibilities based on marital status, not on civil union status.

Grupos familiares de parejas hispanas y latinas del mismo sexo en los Estados Unidos: Un reporte del Censo del 2000

Existen más de 100,000 grupos familiares de parejas hispanas y latinas del mismo sexo nacionalmente. Estas parejas están en desventaja comparadas a los grupos familiares de parejas blancas no hispanas del mismo sexo en términos de educación, ingresos, ser dueños de su propio hogar, incapacidad y estatus de ciudadanía.

Economic benefits of marriage under federal and Massachusetts law

When Massachusetts same-sex couples gained the right to legally marry, they gained access to rights heterosexual couples have had for years.

African-American leaders support marriage equality

Black political and religious leaders share why they support marriage equality.


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