March 2013

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The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force builds the power of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community from the ground up. The Task Force is the country's premier social justice organization fighting to improve the lives of LGBT people, and working to create positive, lasting change and opportunity for all.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Speaks Up for Marriage Equality
Task Force Board Member Joins "Keeping Families Together" Campaign for Immigration Reform

You can witness history at the Supreme Court. The Task Force is organizing around what's going to be one of the most historic civil rights events of our time, when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on two cases related to marriage equality. We need you with us! You can get involved by coming to Washington, D.C. and rallying with us on March 26 and 27. Or, if you just can't swing that, you can attend or organize an event in your own area. It's time for our highest court to make sure same-sex couples are treated fairly under the law. Can we count you in?

This month the loyal long-time member we're focusing on is Joan E. Biren. Joan says, "The Task Force is the organization that has the boldest and broadest vision of LGBT equality. Its leaders understand that we must have a strong social justice movement; one that addresses the many issues that impact LGBT people in our impressive diversity. I've been part of this movement since before the founding of NGTF (later NGLTF, now the Task Force), and things I never thought possible in my lifetime have been accomplished in its 40-year history." Read Joan's full story and find out what else she has to say about the work of the Task Force here.
We're very glad that on March 7, President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization bill into law, and the Task Force was even at the bill signing. The 1994 federal law provides funds to enhance investigation and prosecution of violent crimes like domestic violence and sexual assault, and it also bolsters victim services programs. Now, for the first time, this landmark measure includes explicit protections LGBT survivors of domestic violence. It also includes enhanced protections for Native American and immigrant survivors, and campus safety provisions.
March is Women's History Month, when we honor the countless women who've made an indelible impact on the world and our society. The Task Force has always been a supporter of equality for all, so of course that includes women and women's rights. Not surprisingly, in its 40 year history the Task Force has had quite a few women executive directors and deputy executive directors. In March, 2009, Deputy Executive Director Darlene Nipper was there when President Obama signed the executive order that created the White House Council on Women and Girls. We're sure that the Council will allow even more women to make history.
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